I am an artist, mainly a painter but I also use drawing and printmaking in my work. 


My paintings are about thinking and reflecting on both an external and internal world. Visually rooted in real life moments that capture attention; a reflection of light, a glimpse through trees, a nostalgic landscape; The paintings transform the images they start form to say something other, with light being a key element. But it is intuition and the act of looking and being in these places both physically and emotionally, together with the act of making and being with the paintings, that I feel the paintings are about. They become a marriage of reflection, emotion, representation, past and present. 

I use art as a tool to work with people and therefore undertake work in arts education and arts and health. I have worked for many years as an arts practitioner with vulnerable groups including adult mental health, young people excluded from school, homeless groups and those being treated for drug and alcohol addiction.